Tommaso completed his degree in Port and Maritime Economics and Management, at the University of Genova, and he found us while looking for an internship in London. A few weeks later, he was starting his work experience at a reputable company in north London. Read all about his experience below.

What were you looking for?

I was looking for an interesting and challenging internship abroad (I’m from Italy) and I tried to find something by myself but wasn’t too successful. I was quite demoralised, but then I discovered Kape Internships and I couldn’t be more lucky. In less than two weeks I found exactly what I was looking for.

Give us a brief explanation of the Kape Internships process

In a few words, the Kape team asked me about my qualifications and where I would like to be placed. After that, I was provided with a series of job interviews until I could find what I was looking for. I studied Maritime and Shipping Economics (not a common field of studies/job) and I was placed in a Shipping company. Exactly what I was looking for. Moreover, the Kape staff are very friendly, professional, helpful and available.

How would you describe your internship experience?

The internship is challenging, in the company there are people from all over the world, I’m improving my english, my use of computer, emails, and a lot more. And of course I’m learning an interesting job.

Would you like to give any tips to fellow candidates?

If you are looking for an internship experience but you can’t find it (which happens often nowadays) this is the right choice. It’s a great service for a small amount of money because honestly I would have paid more to get what I got.

Want to know more?

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