Deciding whether you want to post your resume online can be a hard decision, as some companies still appreciate the paper application and a posted/hand-given CV, however, with the online world growing more and more each day it is worth considering.

Everything is online

The online world has changed everything that we know, from dresses to dressing tables; everything is available online. Companies have websites and email is one of the most popular forms of communication between colleagues, employers and customers, you can no longer escape the growth of online.

If jobs are posted online, then your CV is the next step

Job websites, from internships to CEO level, feature the latest positions and vacancies. If the employers are posting their vacancies online then they’ll also be looking for candidates online, and expecting them to have an online presence – as this is the medium that they’ve chosen for correspondence. With up-to-date notifications of new jobs posted and the chance to check on the latest job boards with ease on the internet, you’ll never miss an opportunity and be able to apply with your online CV.

Companies and employers can find you quicker

One of the biggest advantages is that some employers actively engage with online resumes to find the perfect candidate – and sometimes you won’t even had applied for the position! Producing a digital CV will give you the chance to be on the market and available for any position or job you may have missed.

It’ll always be available

The world wide web isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and isn’t a trend that will disappear by the end of the year, so creating an online presence is one of the smartest things you can do. Your online CV will always be available – you won’t have to print out lots of copies and then realise there was a spelling mistake! – and is easily accessible if you need it to be.

It’s easier to apply for jobs

With your CV online and completely digital you can apply for jobs within seconds, gone are the days of posting off a cover letter and CV and sitting by your front door for weeks waiting for a written response. You are able to apply for more jobs as the online process is a lot faster than any other method of application, which will give you a better chance of getting that position that you wanted.

Creating a digital CV and an online presence can seem daunting, but the opportunities that it opens up are endless! Your job hunt will be much, much easier with the chance for employers and companies to find you, as well as you conducting all the research and applying yourself. Your job prospects are doubled at least, and with the online world growing, they’ll increase even more in time to come. Your digital CV and online presence is just the first step of many towards finding you that perfect position.

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