Having an online CV can be a decisive factor for job searching, particularly if you’re looking for digital roles. More and more people are moving towards the idea of an online resume, and here are a few benefits of your online CV and what it can do for you.

You’ll always have it with you

The opportunities are now forever endless – because you have your online CV. When you meet a potential employer for coffee, setting up a new client, or trying to broaden your horizons, it is all much easier now, by sending them a link – they have everything they need and know everything they need to know about you. Now, you’ll never miss a great opportunity or let chance pass you by, as you’ll always be fully prepared.

You want to be found

Depending on the line of work, some more than others, you want to be searchable – you want Google to find you. When employers are looking for someone like you, with your set of skills, you want to guarantee that they can come across your online CV, with, or in replace, of the other potential applicants. By having a digital CV you can create this online presence, and to your advantage, you are getting your face, name and skills out there into the wider world of work; and it will only bring good things.


By creating more than one CV, you are enabling more chances for different employers to consider you and the variety of skills that you have. You’re no longer limiting yourself to one job title, work sector or career – you are branching out. By exploring other job possibilities, and with the talent palette that you own, you’re creating your own job search and it is tailored to fit you perfectly; nobody else.

Dedication is easy

Once you have your digital CV and an online presence, you’re more likely to check your inbox or apply for jobs, because it is that much easier. With only a few clicks and a submit button, your online resume is constantly up to date and reflecting what you want to show the potential employers, and this just makes it that much faster to find jobs and to apply to them. You should keep an eye out for your CV and make sure it is always updated with the information that you want on it, as when a job opportunity does arise, you can send off and apply for it straight away and never miss a deadline. Or, you can quickly make small changes and tweak your CV to make it perfect for your next application.

The digital CV is moving forward along with recruitment and job searches, each and every day. By creating a digital CV you’re setting yourself up for more opportunities and making yourself readily available for what jobs and offers may come your way, and if that isn’t a good enough advantage – then I am not sure what is!