An internship can change your career but finding the right one isn’t always an easy task! Although any internship is a learning experience, finding one that fits your career aspirations will provide you with the right experience and send you in the right direction. Here is how to find the internship that will advance your CV.

What does the internship offer you?

Thinking about what you want to get out of the internship will help narrow down the choices. Every single opportunity available out there won’t help you move down the right path, but knowing what you are looking for will help. Consider if you want professional experience, mentoring connections, a chance to learn the skills necessary or networking opportunities. Once you know what you want, you can start to filter the options.

How much does it pay?

As the majority of applicants for internships are either studying or do not have a full-time job, it is important to look at how much you will be paid for your services. Even if you are working at a company to benefit you and your CV, you are still providing work and services which should be reimbursed. Some companies negotiate wage, others reimburse expenses such as lunch and travel, and quality internships will pay you by the hour, however, don’t expect a high amount. Look into how much you will paid and ideally if you are able to work for them whilst paying your bills.

Will you receive support?

When you are communicating with the company or an employee about the possibility of you working with them under an internship, enquire whether you will have a colleague that mentors or guides you. Knowing that you have someone to watch over you to offer advice and to help you when things don’t go as well will aid the learning process. You don’t want to be thrown into the deep end straight away or otherwise, if you don’t perform as well as either of you expected, it might reflect on you and you might not get a good reference at the end of it.

Are you being realistic?

The last thing to consider is if the workload, working hours and job role is realistically what you are after. It can be hard to resist applying for nearly everything out there, but in the end, will you want to do it? If you will have to miss class, commute for two hours or have to work on the side to pay your bills, is this internship the right one for you? How will it benefit you in all aspects of your life?

It’s okay if you don’t find several hundred internships that are right up your street, but being able to focus on a few will make you focus on the right ones. Being offered a place at a company, or having someone interested in your work is a great uplifting feeling, but you need to make sure it’s perfect for you.

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