Our Internship Program

A team of experienced recruiters will put you in touch with great companies and prepare you for the challenge of performing an internship. Adding work experience to your CV can be a decisive factor for your career progression. Our internships will help you gain this advantage, learn new working methods and meet exciting people just like you!

Gain hands-on experience

Boost your CV and profile with an internship experience and gain a competitive advantage.

Meet new people

Meet new people from all over the world. You will make friends but also start building a strong professional network.

Local support

Our team will be available to assist you 24/7. We want your placement to be a challenging and safe experience.

Superb experience. I tend to ask a lot of questions, and all of my questions were answered with great detail. I had a very precise description of what I wanted out of my internship, and I found exactly what I was looking for!


I am extremely happy with my internship and the creative role that I will be playing within it. Not to mention how much experience I am set to gain. I would recommend Kape Internships to my friends in a flash!