Give us a brief explanation of the Kape Internships process

I was very impressed from day one with how I was handled at Kape Internships. I was greeted warmly and received all the relevant documents that I needed. After they had received my forms, I was put in touch with Rebecca who was great and really explored into exactly what I wanted to gain from an internship. This ranged from subject matter and duration down to revising my CV to help me stand out in a busy market.

My coordinator was very quick to notify me of potential opportunities, from which I was shortlisted for a couple. However it took less than a week from being notified of an internship, to having an interview, to gaining the placement!

How would you grade your experience?

10/10! Extremely happy with my internship and the creative role that I will be playing within it. Not to mention how much experience I am set to gain.

Would you recommend Kape Internships?

I would recommend Kape Internships to my friends in a flash. It’s hard to stand out amongst thousands of graduates and sometimes you need that helping hand. Like they say “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!”.

Want to know more?

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