Dear Candidate,

In order to join the Kape Internships Program, you will have to complete the payment of our deposit fee of £200. By subscribing, you are accepting the terms in our Proposal.

Payment Details

Kindly transfer the funds to the following bank account, and send us an email to confirm the transaction.

This is a EURO bank account, for candidates that are paying internationally. Therefore, please make sure that you select Euros when arranging the transfer. If you need to do a manual conversion from British Pounds, please use the latest exchange rate.

Account Holder: N6 Digital Ltd
IBAN: DE96 7001 1110 6050 6463 92

Bank Address:
Elsenheimer Str. 41

Payment by PayPal

Please note that there is an additional charge of £25 on PayPal payments. The total price will be £225.
To avoid this charge, please make your payment via bank transfer. We appreciate your understanding.