Our program offers career coaching sessions, online CV & cover letter help, and the introduction to our private company network

We have been successfully helping UK students and graduates since 2010. Our team of experienced career specialists have designed an amazing process that covers all aspects of graduate recruitment, and it generates results!

How it works

We don't offer a traditional career coaching service! Our program is fully online, and it is 100% results-oriented!

Our team will carefully gather your details, expectations and goals, to then professionally build your CV and Cover Letter. Amongst other things, we will also help you record an amazing Video CV and also create an Online CV that will be added to our private network of companies. More than 4,500 businesses trust our professional services and hire our top talent across various fields. Many of these employers visit our platform every day, they will be able to look at your details and invite you for an interview.

Our candidates

This service is targeted at graduates and University students, however it is open to all candidates, regardless of sector, age or experience. Simply contact us with your information and someone from our team will be able to assess your profile and confirm your eligibility.


One of our experienced career coaches will carefully collect all your information and understand your expectations and goals.


We will then help you create or improve your CV and cover letter. You will also record a video CV and have an online CV added to our private platform.


On average, 3,000 employers visit our private website every week. They will be able to see your profile and invite you for an interview.


Let an intern benefit your business, become a KI Partner Employer today. One of our representatives will follow up with you directly to provide further information. Get in touch with our friendly team!