We all look up to someone, whether they’re a family member or someone famous, there’s an idol in every job sector. This person is known and has connections, they are recognised for being capable in their job and doing it well. Talent may have something do with it, but drive and ambition are the key attributes these types of people will have.

Some people just seem to walk into jobs, and that makes the rest of us despair, but it is a well-known fact of business it’s who you know, not what you know. If a prospective employer can know who you are, or certainly hear some good things about you, it’ll score more points in the hiring process. Now starting out is hard for anyone, it does take some time and the right attitude, but it can be done:

Be your own publicity agent: The phrase ‘I make it happen’ is one to bear in mind all the time. If you’re not plugging yourself on social networks like twitter or writing your own blog, then it’s not going to happen by itself. Write content for trade journals, even send out some press releases, you never know what might happen. Think of yourself as an agent; think where you can put yourself next. Don’t be pushy about being invited to the right networking events or office parties, but do think about networking events you can go to, or people you can talk to about furthering your career. It’ll be intimidating at first, but it won’t be long before you’re advertising yourself like a pro.

Aim for the awards: Whether it’s a local or a national award, every job sector and industry will have recognised awards. If you’re a budding script writer, enter your scripts into competitions, you never know what may happen. Winning an award is often the start, if you keep on winning them you really will become well known in your sector.

Have a great online profile: Keep a blog, this is often surprising who may find you. There are dozens of great blogging websites out there such as Word press or Blogger, link these to your social media accounts to help expose coverage. If you get an article published online, share it with your online followers and contacts, you never know who could end up viewing it.

Aim for Difference: what will get you noticed is being different to the crowds. This doesn’t mean you have to say or do the opposite thing to get attention, but if you see where something can be done differently, get it done. Don’t be afraid to stand up and make a difference by being different. If you have good knowledge of your industry, aim to be counted by giving talks and even aim to become a mentor. This will come back three fold to help people remember your name.