A CV is the first point of contact between a potential employer and employee, it is the same as walking into a room: the first impression will make the difference in success. You have to ask of course, that in this modern age of applying for jobs on the internet, is the CV becoming a little old fashioned? Some bosses still rely on a traditional CV, but others find them a nuisance and would much rather look online about the prospective employee. Websites such as LinkedIn allow anyone to place their work history for the world to see.

There are many companies out there offering to put together CVs from scratch, but many employers would suggest it is best to write them yourself. Good grammar and spelling is a must for a good CV to stand out but that advice is mainstream and old as the hills. What is vital in a CV is the presentation, and that doesn’t automatically mean you need to put a picture of yourself in the top hand corner.

A basic word processing document is often sufficient for creating a simple CV, but for those with a design flair or working in the creative sector, why not consider using a more advanced software package such as InDesign to create a streamlined CV? Keep the content to one page and use the back to display small images of previous work. There are many great tutorials online that show you how to create a fantastic CV with little training. This CV will be appealing but do keep in mind it may not be suitable for other sectors such as Law or Engineering.

As software updates give us more and more tempting images and cute clipart, it important to rein in the desire to smoother a CV with fancy borders and pretty font. That doesn’t mean it can’t stand out visually, there are many great looking fonts which are professional, just make sure it is easy to read. A little bit of colour on the CV isn’t bad either, just make sure it doesn’t look like you’ve gone mad a highlighter pen.

If you have a portfolio online, why not create a few hyperlinks in the CV linking the reader to your content? This will save them time requesting any samples of work off you. Do ensure that the website you link to is professional and will reflect well on what you want to present in the CV. It is possible to save the CV as a PDF format as many employers use tablets or their phones to view documents, PDF is compatible with many mobile devices and also ensure easy printing for you and the employer.

Making the CV modern is a challenge, but many have risen to that, people frequently make video CVs and some even make theirs into a poem. Go on, take the challenge and your CV stand out.