Every graduate and undergraduate knows that the world of employment has really changed since the internet became mainstream. More and more people are finding work on the internet, and in turn employers are using the internet to check out their prospective employees. There’s no end of news stories of employees being dismissed due to comments they’ve made about their boss on social networking sites.

It’s hard to resist Googling somebody you know and it’s no surprise most employers will be doing this as well. A good social network can be a step up for applying for internships and jobs, but what if it goes the other way?

Keep it Private: worried that anyone could be looking through your holiday snaps on Facebook? Many users don’t seem to be aware that a stranger half a world away could be checking out private pictures. Every boss will know that everyone has a drunken photograph, but let’s not have it as a profile picture. Keep profiles as private as possible, this will help keep a good impression should a prospective employer ever deicide to find you on Facebook.

Keep it Clean: Your friends and family might think what you say about the government is funny, but keep your twitter profile clean, and most certainly avoid excessive swearing.

Now using social network sites is not all negative, blogging and having a visible profile online has helped many graduates land their first job and start their career.

Make Use of Professional Profiles: Some people may say that LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook and therefore not of any use, but it’s a great platform to connect with likeminded professionals. You can ask for references and easily view information about prospective employers and put a portfolio of your work and keep your current experience updated.

Keep a Blog: The first step is getting the right experience, and for those in the marketing or creative sector, keeping an up to date blog is a good way to practising those important skills for the workplace. More and more employers are looking for that little detail that sets graduates apart. Personal projects show passion and commitment and employers will be looking for someone who can manage their own time well.

Network on the Networks: ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is still true, especially in the age of the internet. The beauty of social networking platforms is that a graduate can get in touch with people in the industry without having to leave home. All of the best work is done face to face, but finding them on Facebook though mutual friends save a lot of hassle.