With the job market being so highly competitive these days, anything to get you ahead of the competition is imperative. Having an unusual name or some odd previous job title might get you noticed, but not for the reasons you may have been hoping for. Internships on the other hand may have just become your new best friend.

Nowadays, Internships are a great way to make your CV stand out. Employers are now looking at people with an internship on their CV, as much more experienced than those with none at all (and understandably so).

Carrying out an internship will enable you to gain transferable skills to place nicely on your CV. These skills may be in the form of communication, organisation, negotiation and time management to name but a few. Now who wouldn’t want any or all of them?
CVs featuring internships help promote the fact that you have been proactive in your route to employment. Graduates who get a degree and apply for a job may find they are quite low on certain skills that a graduate with internship experience may have picked up.

If you’re considering a certain career path in a particular industry, you might know that certain skills on your CV are more desirable than others. During your internship, you may get the opportunity to discuss with a line manager those certain skills that you would prefer to develop. Ensure you discuss this with them and try and gain the most out of your placement as possible. The employer may be able to put you in touch with another person within the company who has greater knowledge in specific areas and by the end of the position, you might be highly skilled in the desired area. Knowledge sharing is invaluable. Think about ways in which you would like to make your CV stand out – do you need to choose a particular industry to carry out your internship? Do you want to gain specific skills? Do you want to get involved in particular projects? All of these aspects should be strongly considered before you apply for an internship.

Although doing an internship is about you gaining great experience and exposure to company and industry environment, it is also about creating opportunities for yourself for the future. By doing an internship and being able to add it to your CV, you are giving yourself the best opportunity there is for employability. You are enhancing your CV and making yourself seem like a desirable asset for a company. You need to do all you can to make your CV seem better than the person in front and behind you! They may have exactly the same degree as you, but if you have the skills or experience of an internship, that is undeniably invaluable.

Whilst ‘CV’ stands for Curriculum Vitae, it could also stand for ‘Career Vision’. Now, take your vision, ambition and drive and go get that dream internship!