You applied for the job of your dreams, and after much nail-biting you’ve finally received a letter inviting you to an interview. The task now is to show the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the role.

Interviews are daunting but if you follow these simple steps, you will have a strong chance of success.


Know the job specification
Read it thoroughly. Find examples from your CV that demonstrate the tasks described, pick out the key terms and commit them to memory; they love it when you use their lingo!

Know your work history
You may be asked to “walk us through your CV.” Most people babble on this question, that’s why you need to know your CV through-and-through. Start with your education then lead them through your job history, focusing on relevant experience. This is also an opportunity to add any information that hasn’t been included in your application, such as extracurricular activities that demonstrate your skills.

Know the company
This includes their history, their ethics, their clients, and any social media such as twitter and Facebook. They want to know that you’re interested in the company and have taken time to understand them. In addition, share your opinion about their service or website as it shows you are eager to be involved.

Anticipate questions
Go online to research commonly asked interview questions, and try to find specific questions related to the role. You WILL be asked something unexpected, but if you are well prepared you won’t get caught out.

The Interview

Be confident
Easier said than done, but brush modesty aside and SHOW them how talented, remarkable and capable you are. Smile, sit-up straight, be engaged, offer ideas, and relax! In truth, your interviewer is afraid. They are afraid of the embarrassment of hiring the wrong person. Reassure them with confidence and examples of your experience that you are right for the job, and you in-turn will make them look good!

Take notes
Interviewing isn’t a one way process, and you need to be sure the role is right for you. Taking notes not only puts you on par with your interviewer, but shows them that you’re organised, methodical and progressive. Also, it helps you to keep on top of additional ideas or questions that may come to mind.

Ask questions
Again, you are demonstrating that you are a shrewd thinker. Have three to five questions prepared. A killer question to end on is: “Is there anything in my interview or application which may prevent me from being offered the job? If so I am happy to clarify and concern”.

To conclude

Interviews are nerve-wracking and I guarantee that no one likes them. Just remember, you’ve been offered an interview because the employer KNOWS you can do the job. All you have to do is confirm what is on your CV, show that you’re eager to learn and that you can fit in well with the team. Good luck!