You might be ‘one of those people’ who just knows what route they want to take in life. You may on the other hand however be completely clueless and need a helping hand to figure out what path to go down. Either way, doing an internship could help you, or infact change your life.

Imagine this – scenario number 1.
You get an offer at a great company in the field you’re looking to work in. You go for your internship there and you gain some invaluable work experience and life lessons. You meet an array of knowledgeable and helpful people. You get involved with various exciting projects. You shadow a member of staff and get to put your ideas and opinions across to a team of people. You flick through your brain as if it were a digital camera and utilise each ‘picture’ of theory or information you’ve learnt at college or university and get to apply it in the ‘real world’. You get to reflect on the work you’ve carried out at the end of the internship. You pick up some great contacts and add them to your physical or mental address book. You get home at the end of your day and open up your CV on your computer and start adding ‘skills’ to it. The company where you’ve carried out the internship love your enthusiasm and work so much they decide to offer you a job. You accept. Result = life changing!

Now for scenario number 2.
You get an offer at a great company. It’s not your ideal industry of choice, infact it’s far from it. However, you know you’d be stupid to turn down an opportunity like an internship. You take the offer and start working there. After a few days there you realise this industry is actually perfect for you. Whilst you were busy thinking you would like to work in FMCG industry, it turns out working for a business to business or services industry is actually more your thing. You learn some valuable information there and at the end get offered a job. You accept.. Result = life changing!

Internships can change your life in the following ways:
1) You greatly increase your chance of getting a job – by getting your foot in the door, you are potentially one step closer to getting a job
2) You never know who you might meet – network with anyone and everyone
3) Doing an internship may give you insight into an industry you may have never chosen previously and on the flipside, you may actually decide to change your industry choice following an internship.

These are just a few reasons why internships could change your life. We are sure there are so many more.

So which route are you going? Left or right? Forward or sideways? (no going back now!!) Which-ever direction you chose to take, we really hope it will change your life!