Interns are a unique brand of employees, and have several positive attributes that you and your company should be paying attention to when considering who to hire next. Just consider this, many interns apply for positions in the field in which they feel a great passion for, due to the low wages and often long hours. They see internships as a first step into the industry they hope to succeed in one day. Therefore, by hiring an intern, you are undoubtedly hiring someone enthusiastic, passionate about their field and your companies success, optimistic and full of fresh new ideas.

Internships are becoming ever more necessary in the current economic climate, with many graduates and young students looking for opportunities to prove themselves in the workplace, and gain that much sought after experience to list upon their CV. Just think, if you can provide one graduate an opportunity to work for you, for just a few months, you have probably given them double the chance of finding employment in this harsh job hunting climate. Plus, it isn’t without benefits for you either. Although their CV lacks the many years of in work experience you may have previously believed to be necessary, they make up for it with passion and their hard working ethos. Interns who are given an opportunity to finally work in the field they hold dear, will not be foolish enough to let it slide away. Plus, when they go home at night, they will be singing your companies praises, as the place that finally gave them a chance to show what they are made of. This will only make your company shine further.

Finally, internships are that perfect solution to the jobs that your company need handling, but are too small for you to consider hiring a full-time employee on a long contract. Take social media for example, plenty of interns are incredibly familiar with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name but a few. Far more apt than someone who has only just got to grips with online media sharing. If your company wants someone to take on this small but important workload, you may find that an intern is your answer.

With top class institutions, such as the X-Factor, Google and The Times all relying on interns, perhaps it is time you considered this important move also? You will certainly find individuals who appreciate the opportunity to work, as much as you appreciate them being there.