Interns bring fresh unique insights to the table, when you hire them to work within your company. Whether they are there for two weeks or two months, they will make an imprint due to their enthusiasm, their young mind and their ‘will work incredibly hard for a job in their chosen field’ mantra.

Big companies across the globe are already well aware of the importance and perks of hiring interns. They want to give the younger generation a chance to gain experience in their field, as well as benefiting their business at the same time. Currently, companies such as Google, Glamour magazine, the BBC and and IBM, to name a few, all run internship programmes to give individuals valuable experience in the field.

It also makes financial sense to hire from the intern pool. Wages for interns are lower, though you will not hear them grumbling about that, as they are just eager to gain experience and showcase their talents. This means your finances won’t be majorly dented, but your company will have more man-power, vastly increasing productivity. Even if you can’t afford to pay an intern at this point, don’t fret. Many will work for the experience alone, because they really want the chance to jump start their careers. Hiring an intern makes financial sense, so why not set about doing it today?

With charities such as Cancer Research UK hiring interns, it is clear that they are valued in all fields by large employers and companies. IBM states on it’s website that they hire over five hundred interns a year onto their Extreme Blue summer programme. With numbers this grand, surely they have stumbled upon the benefits of hiring from the younger inspired generation, and so should you!

If you hired an intern to start tomorrow, you could have someone to suddenly kick start that social media project you have been meaning to launch for a while, yet just could not find the time. Interns know their stuff, and just want a chance to showcase their talents whilst also gaining experience from management by individuals who know their field – like you! Google hire interns for up to six months at a time, and base them all over the world. This benefits both the company, due to the added productivity they will gain from an intern team, and the intern, who will relish the experience.

Just think, if all the large companies are doing it, surely it makes sense to hire an intern! Have a think today, about whether your company could do with an extra pair of hands, and a new unique insight. If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for!