People who achieve their goals are moved by inspiration or desperation. If you’re moved by both you’ll reach your goal even quicker. If you’re still stuck in a job you dislike, chances are you don’t hate it THAT much or you would have done something about it. Or you are possibly not inspired because you don’t really know what you want and nothing really excites you at the moment.

Being in a state of desperation when it comes to your career can be dangerous because you could easily move out of the frying pan into the fire if you simply assume any job would be better than the one you’re in. So here’s 10 questions for you. The answers to these could possibly ignite the passion within (trust me, it’s in there somewhere!) and inspire you to do some investigating into possible career paths:

1. Outside of formal education, what did you enjoy reading about when you were younger?

2. What subject were you so enthusiastic about at school or college that you wanted to go away and find out more in your own time?

3. What did you nearly study?

4. What job had interested you even if you didn’t apply for it?

5. What topic with a subject at school or college really interested you?

6. If you were to appear on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be?

7. If you were listening to a debate on the radio, what topic would make you prick your ears up?

8. If you went to a bookstore, what section would you go to first?

9. Remember the time when you had a conversation with someone about their job and it sounded really interesting? What was so interesting about it?

10. If you received a grant to do a course of your choice in your own time, what would you study (there would be no entry requirements for the course either)?

Now I can almost hear the, “yes, but…” in your responses, but the question to ask isn’t ‘how could I pursue that?’, but ‘why does this appeal to me?’

Let me know how you get on.

Mark Anderson