A recent poll by recruitment group Reed found that 96% of employers would hire someone who did not have a complete set of skills but displayed the right attitude over an applicant with the perfect skills but who lacked the right mindset. The top 6 ranked attitudes were commitment, honesty, trustworthiness, adaptability and accountability.

That’s good news if you feel that your lack of experience is holding you back. All you need to do is demonstrate that you possess these qualities in abundance and you’ll have employers begging for your services.

In order for an employer to assess the extent to which you meet this criteria, they’ll be asking you how you can demonstrate that you have these qualities. So have a go at answering these questions:

Can you give an example of a time when you persevered with a particular task when the going got tough or when people let you down? Can you describe a time when you made personal sacrifices for the benefit of a team, a company or cause?

How do you respond when you’ve been given a task that you don’t fully understand even though it’s been explained to you before? Can you think of an example? Can you describe a time when you avoided cutting corners even when no one else is looking?

Can you give an example of a time when you successfully carried out a given task without requiring any supervision? If you haven’t been given specific instructions, are you able to ‘create your own work’ in order to benefit others? Give an example?

Can you give an example of a time when external circumstances changed which meant you had to adapt your own actions accordingly?

How would you respond if a colleague was being justifiably criticised by a customer? Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?

What is the significance of being able to keep accurate records of your actions? Can you give an example of a time when it was important for you to follow correct procedures?

Examples don’t need to originate from employment situations. These qualities can be expressed in all areas of life. The question is, can you prove you’ve got what it takes. Get help from friends if you’re struggling to think of examples. Look for opportunities to enhance these qualities and thus improve your employability.

By Mark Anderson, Career Coach at Kickstart Careers Coaching