So this is it! You’ve finished your degree and are seeking advice for your first job interview. Our team of recruitment experts have selected a few of the most important topics/questions that you may have to discuss with your potential employer. Read them carefully.

Why do you want this job?

This is certainly one of the most important questions for any employer. The answer should reflect your personality, your current mindset and motivation for the job. Stress the positive aspects which have attracted you to applying for this position. Do not mention any negative side of this or any of your previous job experiences.

What qualities do you think will be required for this job?

Their job specs may certainly help you a little bit, but you should also think of the other qualities that may be required. These may include communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving, analytical skills, etc.

What can you contribute?

This is your chance to shine. Tell them about your achievements in your previous experiences which are relevant to the new position you are applying for.

Why do you want to work for this company?

Emphasize the positive reasons why you want to join their company, try to relate their business to your own skills and academic projects, but avoid aspects such as more money or working hours. These would not endear you to a prospective employer.

What do you know about this company?

You can impress the interviewer with your knowledge of their company. Give them a run down of their products/services, sales figures, news, company figures, customers, competition analysis, etc.

What interests you about our product (or service)?

Again, your research into the company should aid you in answering this question.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?

Please be careful here. Again do not mention money, emphasize the opportunity for personal growth, new challenges, etc.